Pre-school, the word explains itself that is preparation for the school level. So, we have opted pre-school as a preparation phase for the school level. Hence, the children are motivated by providing them play materials and fun as the learning way. We do not compromise on their demands of enjoyment to the optimum way while staying at school and learn by fun. They paint, play in the sand, play with the clay, play with papers and learn. We have three levels in the Pre-school, i.e., Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten.

Basic school

As per the provision of the Education Act of Nepal, basic education spans from grade 1 (One) to 8 (Eight). To ensure that students receive developmentally appropriate instruction, we have bifurcated the basic education into the Lower wing (Grade 1 – 5) and Upper wing (Grade 6 – 8).

We have adopted national curriculum and given our efforts such that units meets the best and enriches our national curriculum goals. The units chosen for study have been linked to the Curriculum Development Centre’s guidelines to ensure that students have access to relevant materials, and attain intended learning outcomes. The curriculum is divided into three Mile Posts (1, 2 and 3) which broadly link to Grade 1 and 2, Grade 3 and 4, and Grade 5 and 6 of the Nepali system. It provides an excellent structure and pedagogical rigor that supports student learning and progress, and connects with real world examples.

Secondary school

Our Plus Two Program comprises grades 9 to 12. Students are required to appear for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) in grade 10 conducted by the National Examination Board, Nepal. In grade 9 and 10, students will be offered subjects as per the national curriculum along with two optional subjects of their choice.

Courses offered:

  1. Science Stream
  2. Management Stream

Guidance, Higher Studies & Career Counselling

At ORBIT SCHOOL, we provide guidance, counseling and learning support to the students who lag behind with their learning and adaptation. Our experienced faculties will help students to cope with the difficulties they are facing, and help them to adjust to the new situation as well as improve their academics and other areas. We will also help students make an informed decision on higher education regarding the courses that best suit their interest and career goals. Our students will be counseled by a professional Counselor as to what likely career they should pursue based on their interest and aptitude so that they can succeed in life.

Admission Policies and Procedures

Orbit Unique English School (OUES) welcomes applications from students of all nationalities who desire to benefit from our educational programmes and whose parents share the school’s vision and approach to learning.

Applications for immediate or future entry are considered at any time throughout the year but students are accepted based on availability of seats. The decision of the Admissions Committee in such matters will be final. All students will be required to appear for screening tests that comprise written tests and an interview to determine their eligibility for admission in the school. Upon request, the Admissions Officer will make available detailed information about admission procedures to parents and students.

Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

At ORBIT SCHOOL, students are given a wide range of choices to engage in varied Co-curricular and Extra- Curricular Activities such as Debates, Quizzes or Games and Sports, Performing Arts (Dance, Music and Drama), Visual Arts, etc. The activities provide students with an avenue to explore their talents, develop new skills and pursue their passion. By engaging in the ECAs, students discover what they are good at, and become motivated to succeed. In addition, they develop leadership, social and life skills as well as an understanding of group dynamics. More importantly, they experience both success and failure which inculcates resilience and an ability to persevere.

Sports And Physical Activities

The school will have a dedicated extra– curricular activities (ECA) and sports department with professional coaches and trainers, who will constantly challenge and guide every child to develop their skills, resilience and competitive spirit. The school will have its own outdoor playgrounds, basketball courts, futsal pitch and ground to play other activities as well.

Clubs And Community Services

Besides various extra–curricular activities, the students will be engaged in various club–activities as well as community service, which will help to develop a positive attitude, social skills and self–confidence. The goal of involvement in community service is to develop empathy towards the less fortunate, and foster a sense of social responsibility. Students of diverse clubs like Social Service Club, Environment Club, Book Club, MUN (Model United Nations), etc. will be involved in organizing a host of events in the school through which they develop their communication, organizational and leadership skills as well as build up their self-confidence.

Safety and Security

We value the safety and security of our students. An efficient safety and security system is in place within the buildings and around the school premises. Besides having Security Guard manned gates and a properly fenced perimeter, classrooms and corridors are monitored through CCTV. Fire and emergency alarms are connected to ensure student safety and security.


The school possesses world–class infrastructure supported by state–of–the–art facilities to provide a kaleidoscope of enriching educational experiences for the holistic development of children under our care.

The school environment is calm and intentional in order to inspire and facilitate effective learning. All the buildings incorporate shockproof features to withstand earthquakes and ensure the safety of students. The classrooms are spacious, well-equipped with broadband Internet connection, CCTV and a fire alarm system. The design of the buildings is both aesthetic and utilitarian, and also reflects Nepalese architecture and heritage.

The school has two fully equipped multipurpose halls, well–stocked libraries, modern Science and Computer laboratories, Cafeteria and a Health Care Centre to name a few of the facilities available.

Guidance and Learning Support

We also help students make an informed decision on higher education regarding the courses that best suit their interest and career goals. Our students are counseled by a professional Counselor as to what likely career they should pursue based on their interest and aptitude so that they can succeed in life.


The library forms the core of our literacy programme, and is the hub for all research and inquiry projects. We have two spacious and well– stocked libraries – one designed for Elementary students (Grade 1-8) and one for Secondary students (Grade 9 and above). Trained librarians, who are knowledgeable and experienced in Library Management oversee the library programme. A collection of printed resources (books, magazines, periodicals, research manuscripts, encyclopedias, subject-wise reference books, etc.) is available for students and teachers. Separate rooms are available for individual–study as well as for group discussions and presentation.

Modern Science and Computer Laboratories

We have the latest educational tools including Information and Computer Technology (ICT) for use in our Science and Computer Laboratories to enhance learning experiences, and develop critical thinking and problem–solving skills. Each of the academic wings on completion, will have its own Computer Laboratory. Subject specific laboratories (for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany) are provided for Secondary school students (Grade 9 to 12/ A Level) to gain a deeper understanding of concepts as well as practical knowledge of the subject. A general science laboratory is available for Elementary school students (Grade 1 – 8).

Transportation Service

The school provides well-facilitated buses to transport the day students to and from the school, ensuring comfort and safety of the students availing the service. Every bus will be supervised by a staff member, who will be responsible for coordinating pick–up and drop-off of students at designated stops. Additionally, school is planning to have a Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking the vehicle en-route for the convenience of the parents.